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About Us

In a beautiful world where our realization of what our body needs and craves for, is synonymous to having the right things available. HerPlace Hair and Skin Care Cosmetics, seeks to provide a closer connection to nature, develop a more desirous passion for Humans to seek their beauty, flourish their desires and blossom with the newly improved holistic and no scientific additional approach to heal and achieve their remarkable expectations.

Why Choose Us

Natural or organic cosmetics are not just beauty products, but a recreation of nature in perfect harmony with our bodies and our world.

Our well nutritious holistic approach blends natural, effective ingredients with nourishing vitamins and oils while dedicated to sustainability and ethics every step of the way

Meet Our Executives

Miss Mariah


Mariah is the chief executive of HerPlace company, she has an outstanding vision for HerPlace cosmetic, she intend to make her products and services spread across the USA and beyond, making people feel more confident wth their own skin and hair.
Her method is simply holistic holistic holistic, applying nature’s most essential roots and trees in her products to give her customers the positive result ever to be seen.

Mrs Zandra

Co-Founder & Coordinator

She is a beautiful woman with an outstanding heart for others, she believes in dedication and natural products. She is a professional in holistic medication, a chief executive of HerPlace Company. It’s about right to have her mind and passion in HerPlace so the perfect blend of Mariah and Zandra makes every impossiblities possible mostly on our entire body products.

Mrs Miracle

USA Strategist

Miracle is a go getter, an optimistic and natural personality. Her professional contribution to business has been known throughout her career, she is also a dedicated HerPlace Executive.

Author Nnamdi

Africa Business Strategist

He is a software developer, business analysts and a holistic certified. Nnamdi represents HerPlace across Africa, connecting HerPlace to the roots and trees of Africa and beyond.

For more information on these executives, emails us. 

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